First Milestone (EN)

Here comes Master Dungeon’s first milestone. Very little time to code, struggling with a brand-new architecture, trying to figure out where to fit each part, it has been a challenge having something to show.

Nonetheless, we’re proud we’ve got the following achievements:

First of all, we have done a map loader. We start simple. We use an ASCII text file in which each character represents a kind of tile in the game (door, wall, floor…) and is loaded into memory. Secondly, those chars are instantiated into the game as the items they represent with a fixed tile size. In the future we will implement a random dungeon generator that will run during execution.

To bring the models into the game we’ve been juggling with 3DMax and OgreMax (the 3DMax-Ogre exporter). We borrowed some free models we found on the internet as temporary assets; because we now only care about positioning, scale and that those props are instantiated into the game without overlapping or leaving holes between them.

We also managed to make a tiled-based movement system for the player, for now we have a rudimentary “turn-system” (time-based). The player can move within the four basic directions, turn left and right and turn his head 45 degrees to each side (this doesn’t count as an action for the turn system).

Finally, we have added a command console that can be activated in-game, with a lonely command “showmap”, that brings out a flying camera view of the dungeon.

We are willing to offer much more (and better) in the second milestone once we have a deeper understanding of the architecture and the environment we’re working on.

Here goes the video of the first milestone:

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